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Your clothes and your environment should reflect your lifestyle; who you are and what you value most in life. We're happy you chose to visit us today.  The House of LaRosa is dedicated to encouraging innovation and creativity; while offering the finest quality in fashion to fit your well as custom designer furnishings and touches for your home, office and business. We pride ourselves in offering unique, original designs by (external link removed) and her team of designers; along with high quality and superior customer service.







As well as having a love for music and all artistic expression, Keri-Lynn, The House of LaRosa's co-founder and co-designer, also enjoys a love for fashion. During her late teens and early twentys, along with writing and performing her original songs, Keri-Lynn was also a model....working local and regional fashion shows on runway; along with various TV and print media. At one time, Keri-Lynn held the interest of some of the top modeling agencies in the world....that is, until five-foot nine became the new five-foot eight. Keri-Lynn continued modeling, as well as crafting her fashion drawings and sketches, and used her original designs and sense of fashion in her concert performances.  Keri-Lynn's mom enjoyed a love for fashion and interior design, and came onboard with The House of LaRosa Home interior design department (aka Nadine's Interiors, Ltd.). With over fifty years of experience and clients to their credit between them....including hotels such as Marriott and The Marriott Grand; financial institutions such as First National Bank, SouthTrust and Wells Fargo; as well as private residences, apartment complexes and condominiums....The House of LaRosa is destined to be one of the worlds' premiere personal, professional and home fashion design houses.

Together....mother and daughter have always been an unstoppable force long before this moment in time. Today, Keri-Lynn and her team at The House of LaRosa carry on with years of traditional and modern experience as they strive and continue to thrive as a force to be reckoned with in the worlds of music, fashion, art, hospitality, leisure and entertainment. It's time to let their experience, inspiration and magic work for you.




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